Welcome to Durham Life!

Durham Region is a hotbed of activities, and it is Durham Life’s mission to present that to you in a way that will inspire you to take action.

We just do good news.
No crime. No politics.
Just local news that inspires.

One of the best things about Durham Region is that there are so many amazing people working to make a positive change in our area. But these people’s work can get overshadowed by the negative news. And we’ve had our share of scary news in the last three years!

So, the Durham Life focus will be on the positive news from Durham Region. By highlighting and promoting the good work done by volunteers and charities, the underserved communities, your friends and neighbours, we will help raise awareness of local issues and inspire people to get involved.

Plus, we have regular features on local events, restaurants, and businesses to help you get your fix of local happenings.

Building our mission, together.

What started out as an idea just a few months ago, is quickly becoming a reality. In interviews with prospective subscribers, we heard about how you consume your local news, what you want to read, and how you want to see it. And we are building our newsroom to fulfill those needs:

Serving the good of the Community

You want your local journalists to be as committed as you are to community betterment.

Supporting the underserved Communities

You want an equitble and inclusive community. To represent Durham Region's wide diversity in our team and our coverage.

What's good about our Community

You live, work and play in Durham Region. You want to know who the champions of your community are and what they're doing.

Haven't heard of us yet?
We're just getting started.

Durham Life is a modern local news startup that presents a variety of content: from local event listings to restaurant and business reviews, to quality-produced video content; which we will share with our audience through an email newsletter, blogs and social media pages.

But we need your help.

Want to be a part of a ground breaking community-inspired journalism project in Durham Region?

We’re looking for people who will help us report on what’s happening, who want to collaborate with other reporters, editors, photographers and videographers.

If you’re interested, contact us here.

We look forward to hearing from you and your support going forward.

Who am I?

I’m Mike Duhamel – a writer, video producer, content creator and now the Publisher of Durham Life.

Back in 2022, I was selected as one of 16 participants in Canada’s first Google News Initiative Bootcamp. This incubator was an intensive ten-week program with training and coaching to turn my news business ideas into a digital journalism initiative that will build community and connections in Durham Region.

I’ve only just started this journey, and already have met some great people in Durham Region, and hope that you will join me in celebrating the positive impact people are having in Durham Life!

Appreciate your support,
Reach out and say hi!