Ramya Amutahn is a trailblazer in the world of sports, breaking barriers and pushing boundaries as a blind soccer player.

Despite the obstacles she faced early on as a blind athlete, her passion and determination led her to start playing soccer just a year and a half ago. Today, she is a member of the Canada Women's Soccer Team (5 a-side) and set to compete in the Durham Region 2023 Ontario Parasport Games.

Ramya's journey with soccer has been one of growth and self-discovery.

She expresses, "I've been playing soccer for a year and a half," and her love for the sport continues to deepen with every match. "The more I compete, the more invested I feel into the game," she says.

Blind soccer is a thrilling and dynamic sport that showcases the remarkable skills and determination of visually impaired athletes. Despite the lack of sight, these players possess incredible ball control, tactical awareness, and an unwavering spirit that inspires audiences worldwide.

Growing up, Ramya faced challenges in participating in sports due to a lack of accommodations for blind athletes. She reflects, “When I was playing sports in my early days, they didn't know how to accommodate me, but I don't blame anyone for it.” Despite this, she remains optimistic and encourages others facing similar challenges to look for opportunities and rely on their families.

Off the field, Ramya is making a difference through her role as a co-host of a daily podcast “Kelly and Ramya” on AMI (Accesible Media Inc). (AMI-audio is a revolutionary platform that provides visually impaired, partially sighted, or print-restricted Canadians with access to stories and original content through TV or stream.)

Here, she uses her platform to raise awareness about different impairments and educate others about the sport of blind soccer. For Ramya, playing soccer is not just about winning medals or the thrill of competition. It is about being a part of something greater, creating awareness, and making a difference in the lives of others.

She is a true inspiration to all and her dedication, determination, and passion for the sport are changing the face of blind soccer and inspiring others to follow in her footsteps.

Watch this video to see Ramya in action, and listen to her explain some of the rules of Blind Soccer. You can also hear the players say “Voy” as they skillfully move the ball on the field.

This weekend, Ramya and her team, the Pickering Football Club, will face off against the North Mississauga Soccer Club in what promises to be an “exciting and inspiring match.”
Durham Region will be hosting the 2023 Ontario Parasport Games beginning Friday, February 3 to Sunday, February 5, 2023. The Games will take place at multiple locations across the region. A full list of venues will be posted on the Games website.