Doors Open Ontario is a province-wide heritage program that offers free public access to various heritage properties, showcasing buildings, natural spaces, and cultural landscapes across Ontario. Hosting this program in communities celebrates their identity, promotes volunteerism, and boosts interest in Ontario’s heritage. The 2024 theme will focus on adaptive reuse of heritage sites.

And that's exactly what Doors Open Oshawa has planned this year. A display of heritage sites repurposed to serve the community while keeping their heritage features. And some with such fascinating histories you wouldn't believe they were in Oshawa!

There are 24 places of interest open for discovery this year, from the Hamilton-Oshawa Port Authority (HOPA) lakeshore to the south, to Windfields Farm to the north and 12 locations in the downtown core. There is a lot to see!

And to make it easier for you to plan your route, we've created an interactive map to help you along the way. This is a first for us, but based on initial feedback, there will be more of these maps on the way here at Durham Life.

The City of Oshawa has done a great job putting this event together and you can find the official program guide, shuttle bus schedule and more information about Doors Open Oshawa 2024 on their website.

Get out and discover some of the historical jewels in Oshawa and "prepare to be amazed!"