Like Jane Goodall says on our graphic, every day is earth day, and if after celebrating Earth Day for 53 years we still don't know that, then we are in really big trouble! It's a mind shift really, and you just have to start small... one step at a time. Cliché but true. Happy Earth Day! and hope you "green" it up somewhere in your little part of the world.

We have a few local events in Durham Region on the agenda, and with this issue we launch a new podcast/video series called, “In Conversation...” I hesitate to call it a podcast at this time, but it has started as a "zoom" conversation with a "Changemaker” from Durham Region, and the initial feedback has been good, so we'll see how far we can go with it. We are launching it with Judy Hanson, the CEO of Autism Home Base in Bowmanville. If you know of any “changemakers” in Durham Region, reach out and send them our way. Would love to chat with them and find out what makes them tick. Hope you enjoy our first episode.

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In Conversation with The Changemakers of Durham Region.

What started off as a one-off idea, is starting to develop a life of its' own!

I recorded a "zoom" conversation with Judy shortly after the Polar Bear Swim fundraiser, which is where I first met her, back in January. And what better time to release this honest conversation than during Autism Awareness Month. If you are unaware of some of the issues with autism and specifically adult children with autism, you must watch/listen to our conversation. Judy gives us insights from both sides – as a the CEO of Autism Home Base, and as the Mother of Eric, her 31 year old autistic son. Truly touching, and my heart goes out to Judy and her team. They are changemakers!

Since that conversation, I recently recorded another one, and this is what I mean by getting a life of it's own. I met Sam Demma at a Durham College business function for the Chambers of Commerce in Durham Region. He was the keynote speaker. I was so impressed with his passionate speach, that I chatted with him afterwards to go deeper on his mission to “Empty Your Backpack.” This young man from Pickering is out to “ help schools and organizations build a culture of hope and service.” Stay tuned for this one, you'll love it!

Keeping it local for Earth Day

There are many things you can do around your house to celebrate Earth Day 23 and show your commitment to environmental protection. Here are a few ideas:

  1. Start a compost bin: Composting is the easiest way to reduce your household waste and create nutrient-rich soil for your garden. Set up a compost bin in your backyard and start collecting your food scraps, yard waste, and other biodegradable materials.
  2. Plant a garden: Whether you have a large backyard or just a small balcony, you can plant a garden to celebrate Earth Day. Choose plants that are native to your region and that require minimal water and no fertilizer. Go organic!
  3. Go on a litter pick-up: Grab a trash bag and some gloves and head out into your neighborhood to pick up litter. This can be a great way to show your community that you care about keeping the environment clean. You don't need a whole group, Just do it!
  4. Switch to eco-friendly products: Replace your household cleaners, toiletries, and other products with eco-friendly alternatives. Look for products that are made with natural, biodegradable ingredients and that come in recyclable packaging.
  5. Reduce your energy use: Take steps to reduce your energy use at home by turning off lights and appliances when you're not using them, using energy-efficient light bulbs, and setting your thermostat to a more eco-friendly temperature.

Earth Week Celebrations & Community Clean Ups in Durham Region

Cleanup safety tips:

  • Wear gloves while picking up waste.
  • Avoid touching your face.
  • Immediately wash or sanitize your hands when you’re done collecting waste.
  • Supervise children and don’t let children wander off alone.
  • Avoid unsafe areas such as railway tracks, creeks, riverbanks and roadways.
  • Do not pick up dangerous items like needles, broken glass, hazardous waste or dead animals. Contact your municipality to arrange for safe disposal.

Remember, even small actions can make a big difference when it comes to protecting the environment. Happy Earth Day 2023!

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