Oshawa Civic Fields on Thornton Road was the site for an exciting Lacrosse Tournament this past weekend.

They called it:
San Diego 2023. The Road to Redemption.

Canada's goal this weekend was to finalize their selections for spots on the 2023 Men's Field National Team. Divided into 2 squads, Red and White, the Team Canada hopefuls were playing against NCAA teams from St. Joes, Denver, St. Bonaventure and Albany Men's Lacrosse.

With Durham Region being a hot bed for lacrosse, the attendance for these matches was very healthy and cheering for Team Canada was exceptional!

Throughout the weekend, they got the chance to meet greats like Wes Berg, Jeff Teat, and Dhane Smith, along with many others. In total, over 50 players participated in the event, all in hopes of making the National Squad. And by all accounts, Team Canada will be looking good!

We spoke with Taylor Retter, the Communications and Marketing Coordinator for Lacrosse Canada, and a Whitby native (yeah!) about the weekend:

“We're lucky enough to be here today with dozens of team Canada hopefuls for next summer's world championships in San Diego and four NCAA teams who have made the trip to Oshawa this weekend to get some fall ball in and compete against our athletes. And we're just really happy to be here. It's an exciting time for Oshawa and obviously for us to have lacrosse back and getting ready for next summer's men's world championship, which is going to be a huge event.”

You can follow Lacrosse Canada on their journey to San Diego:
- Instagram: @lacrossecanada
- Twitter: @lacrossecanada
- Facebook: @lacrossecanada

Go Team Canada!

Lacrosse Canada in Oshawa on the road to Sand Diego 2023.